The New Age of Bodybuilding: Natural Vs. Synthetic

For this new generation, many innovations have introduced ways to improve one’s own body and it’s muscular shape. With the creation of synthetic steroids, the sport of bodybuilding as really become an underground phenomenon, giving it a new popularity in the world. The conflict now is whether the use of steroids or performance enhancers should be allowed to be used in the sport of bodybuilding.


The ‘old’ way of doing things is usually the longer and less traveled path, as people nowadays look for a quick and simple solution to gaining muscle and losing fat. But some people still use natural methods of weightlifting and pre jym pre workout to create the desired physical appearance that they wish to have. The largest difference in the natural bodybuilding scene is that the people don’t have as much definition, muscle, and strength. Natural bodybuilders look to proper nutrition and weightlifting methods as the major way to achieve the proportionate body, while only taking things such as multivitamins and creatine based products. Lifting weights without the use of steroids makes it much more difficult to train at optimum levels all the time, as the body needs much more time to fully recuperate. The training intensity is totally different, as the body doesn’t have this forced synthetic explosion of testosterone that enables on to really push up a lot of weight for long durations of time. When the bodybuilding scene was really brought to the masses, people didn’t really know about steroids and how they worked inside the body, so many people took them as they showed increase energy levels and definition.



When Arnold Schwarzenegger admitted to using steroids to win many of his bodybuilding competitions, many people thought that it was unfair and that anyone that took drugs to improve their performance should be disqualified. It is evident now that steroids have a profound effect upon the body in both a good and bad way. The muscular definition, strength, and energy levels are vastly increased and optimized, but the body has ingested so much unnatural toxins from the steroids that things like ‘man tits’, loss of hair, and genital shrinkage begin to appear in the user. People are really side tracked by the sheer size of the bodybuilders nowadays, as they can reach incredible sizes that just don’t look normal. Many people are just starting to reject the image and thought of synthetic bodybuilding as it really exhibits a destructive method of weightlifting instead of the appropriate message: lifting naturally will yield slow, natural benefits without any harmful side effects. The choice of whether to use steroids or not is up to the specific person, but the public’s view of the matter vastly changes peoples perspective.

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